Bringing kids (little ones especially) to church isn’t always easy. They can turn on a dime and you can feel vulnerable. We want to assure you that you and your family is so welcome! Here’s some of the stuff that goes on that we hope will ease your mind

Community Kids

Community Kids caters for pre and primary school age groups. What the kids learn in Community Kids generally aligns with what is being discussed in the Sunday message. This enables families to grow and discuss topics together.

To join in with the appropriate Community Kids age, make your way out to The Court and speak with a ‘leading family’ or ‘table leader’.

Crèche and cry room

If toys and playing help your kids settle, crèche might be a good starting place. You can stay and mingle, or sign your loved one in and collect them once the service is finished. Crèche leaders are usually parents themselves and can help to love and nurture your kids while you get some time growing with Jesus. For babies to toddlers aged 3.5 years old.

A cry room with a view into the auditorium and speakers broadcasting the sermon is available. There are a few books and toys to entertain babies and small kids if sitting in church or crèche isn’t going to plan. There is also a private space for nursing mothers and sleeping babies.


Making the transition to Sunday gathered church with your little ones? Why not get along to a week day playgroup to meet other families and let your kids play. Playgroup runs every Wednesday and Thursday. It starts at 9.30am and finishes at 11am, and includes active play, craft and story/singing time. Please remember to pack a nut-free morning tea for your kids. Cost per family is $2 and includes morning tea for adults.