Update. 01 September 2020

We will begin gathering again on the 6th of September.

Please make sure you have read the things we have to tell you document.


We look forward to gathering again the first Sunday in September. Of course this is dependent on no changes in government regulations. It will be different, it will feel weird.

Online - Zoom

Only the sermon portion of the service will be streamed. You can access this via the same link found here.

The Zoom portion of the service will begin around 10 am. We would recommend being online at 9:45 am.

Here's what it will look like.

Although some of the final details are being worked out to make sure we comply with the rules (as the Bible instructs us to do in Romans 13:1).

You will book in, online or by phone or email, before midday on Thursday.

If the on-line booking does not work, you can email, or phone the office on 46 333 173

The office allocates seats so that families sit together and we can fit in the maximum number of people - all households 1.5 metres apart. That is 3 empty plastic chairs between households. You are informed of your seat allocation.

You arrive early on Sunday, so the queues are not crowded 5 minutes before the service begins. That could make social distancing hard.

The person at the door asks if you have a seat allocated, asks you to gel your hands, and hopes you don't have a cough, sore throat etc. If you are sick, or don't have a seat (and we are fully allocated) you will be regretfully turned away. Hard reality. Then you get in the door and stand on one of the floor stickers, 1.5 metres apart, so your name can be checked off as you go in.

Move up the queue to the next sticker, then the next, and then the check in station. At this station if you have kids going to Community Kids then you will check them in as going into The Court, and one of the kids volunteers will take them in. The right hand queue is the best queue for those with kids, as this is the side nearest the Court.

Then one last queue spot before the usher’s station, who will point you, or take you, to your allocated seat.

The service will be one hour. Then you exit through the side doors. Entry and Exist must be separate. Kids are collected at the door out from The Court on the Western side, not the doors they entered through.

Please Note: We have to keep the doors open. If the wind blows it will be freezing.

Also please note that the water fountain is covered over as per regulations. We are also unable to serve drinks. Please bring your own water / drink

Coats are essential!

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Links will be accessible on the monday before the service.

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